Peer Reviewer

Publication Frequency

JSI publish regularly two times a year in June and November

Peer Review Process

Each manuscript will be selected through steps as follows.

  1. Manuscript that submit will be checked by journal manager using Turnitin and then journal manager will choose editor and reviewer
  2. Reviewer has 7 days to review manuscript, then reviewer gives decision: rejected, revision required, or accepted
  3. If reviewer’s decision is revision required then author is given time as 7 days to revision and to send back article. Suitability of manuscript revisions with reviewer notes will be checked by editor.
  4. Editor gives a final decision about manuscript by his self or in consideration of the editorial team.
  5. If manuscript’s decision is accepted, then editor will send article to copyediting stage and do layout of manuscript for 7 days.
  6. Editor send manuscript to production stage and then journal manager will publish article have approved.


The Author Duty

  1. Author must ensure that the articles contain correct data, accurate explanations, and sufficient references so that other can develop the research.
  2. Author must ensure that their articles are fully original and if there are quotations of other people’s work then it has been done correctly.
  3. Author should not publish a manuscript that descriptively describe the same research in more than one journal.
  4. The author’s name stated is limited only to those who have contributed significantly to concept, design or implementation of research reported.
  5. When an author finds significant errors in his own publication, then an author must notify the journal editor or publisher immediately to recall or correct manuscript.

The Editor Duty

  1. Editor will evaluate each article without concern on ethnic, gender, religion, or nationality of author.
  2. Editor and editorial team do not permission to give information about manuscript that submission other than author, reviewer, editor, and other editorial team.
  3. Materials of article that not publish in draft do not permission to use in editor research without author’s written agreement.
  4. Journal editors have responsible to decide which journals are published. Editor can request advice from editorial team or use the tools available to solve copyright infringement and plagiarism. Editors can discuss with other editors and reviewers to make decision.
  5. Editors must ensure originality of each article. Editors must manage and use reviewers fairly and wisely. The editor must explain peer review process as information for author and reviewer.

The Reviewer Duty

  1. Reviewers help editor in making editorial decision and through communication with editors then reviewers help authors to revision his manuscript.
  2. Each select reviewer who feels he is not eligible to review the manuscript must notify editor and withdraw from review process
  3. Review process must be done objectively that describe his opinion clearly and supported by argument.
  4. Each manuscript that received to review must treat as secret document. They may not be shown or discussed with others except those authorized by editor.
  5. Reviewers must work as professional without an interest of conflict.
  6. Reviewers must discussion with editors about substantial similarity between manuscript that review and other article that publish.